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Safety performance requirements for hoisting wire rope

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One of the most important lifting accessories is the steel wire rope, which determines the safety of goods lifted by the crane. A good steel wire rope has high safety, otherwise it has low safety. Let's explain the steel wire rope below:

The steel wire is made of high-quality carbon steel and can achieve high strength after many cold drawing and heat treatment. Steel wire rope twisted from galvanized steel wire can be used in workplaces such as wet or open environment to enhance anti rust performance. Steel wire rope is a standard product in all industrial countries. Its diameter, number of rope strands, number of steel wires per share, tensile strength and sufficient safety factor can be selected according to the needs of application. Its specifications and models can be found in relevant manuals. In addition to the wear of the outer steel wire, the steel wire rope is gradually broken due to the fatigue of crane accessories caused by repeated bending when bypassing the pulley or drum. Therefore, the ratio of the diameter of pulley or drum to that of steel wire rope is an important factor determining the service life of steel wire rope. Large ratio, small bending stress of steel wire and long service life, but the mechanism is huge. The appropriate ratio must be determined according to the application. When the wear and corrosion degree of the surface layer of the steel wire rope or the number of broken wires in each screw pitch exceeds the specified value, it shall be scrapped. Steel wire rope is mainly used in hoisting, pulling and other transportation requiring high-strength wire rope.

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