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Crane industry: safety is the guarantee of success

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In case of improper operation during construction, the frequency of crane accidents is no less than that of mine accidents. According to foreign media reports, in August 2007, a crane boom falling accident occurred in Kobe factory of Kawasaki shipbuilding company, Japan, resulting in 3 deaths and 4 injuries; In March 2008, a crane for the construction of a skyscraper in Manhattan, New York suddenly collapsed and fell, resulting in 4 deaths and 13 injuries; In June 2012, the tower crane at the construction site of troytsk power plant expansion project in Chelyabinsk, Russia collapsed during the day, killing 6 people and injuring 4 people one after another.

According to the summary of relevant experts, there are many and complex factors causing the accident, mainly in the machinery itself, maintenance, operation and other aspects.

In view of these conditions, XCMG heavy took the lead in extending the product warranty period to two years and established a new service standard for the crane industry. By advocating and establishing the service standard for extending the warranty for two years, it formed a forced mechanism for the industry to improve the product quality, that is, if the enterprise does not improve the product quality, it will be forced to invest double the service cost. In addition, 15 crane operator training bases have been launched nationwide, and nearly 1000 excellent crane operators have been delivered to the society in the first half of this year. In order to improve the project quality, it has formulated six value-added commitments: Golden engine business support plan, golden collar operator training plan, 360 ° professional physical examination scheme, xlwp hoisting scheme planning support, xesc intelligent housekeeper and seven excellent value optimization schemes.

In order to find problems and make diagnosis in time, manitowak of the United States installed an electronic satellite tracking system on the near earth satellite, adopted GPS positioning, sent and received information of various equipment, uploaded operation data to the server, and provided remote services for the machine. After that, local outlets shared experiences and lessons.

Terex installed the anti falling system that won the 2012 esta Safety Award in the newly launched crane safety design; Applying the new fence technology to the whole superstructure, the design of the operation room can obtain a better observation field of vision.

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