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Jiangsu Pengjin Chaojing Technology Co., Ltd. is a one-stop enterprise mainly engaged in the R &amp; D, manufacturing and sales of anti-static, flame-retardant, acid-base and other special fabrics, anti-static dust-free sterile clothing, anti-static jacket tooling, anti-static down cotton clothing, acid-base clothing, flame-retardant clothing, anti-static shoes and occupational clothing for factories and mining enterprises. The company introduces new Japanese air-jet looms, a full set of special sewing equipment and corresponding complete supporting facilities, strong technical force, strict management system, strict technical standards, trial production, production and inspection system. So that the quality of each set of products of the company can be reliably guaranteed. The company's main products include various specifications of anti-static card fabrics, anti-static gauze card fabrics, anti-static gabardine fabrics, anti-static polyester strip fabrics, anti-static polyester Plaid fabrics, and various styles of anti-static dust-free purification clothes (including one-piece clothes, split clothes, coats and underwear), anti-static jacket tooling < summer clothes, spring and autumn clothes, cotton clothes > Purification cap (work cap, shawl cap), mask, anti-static gloves, anti-static work shoes, shoe covers and various ordinary work clothes. All dust-free products adopt the requirements of different levels of purification room of the company. This product has the following application fields.

1. Biopharmaceutical and food industry: according to the requirements of "smooth texture, no static electricity, no shedding of fiber and granular substances" in the production and management code of compound drugs (GMP), the wearing articles can be repeatedly sterilized by high temperature and high pressure steam at 120-140 ° C

2. Semiconductor microelectronics industry: clothing meets the national standard gb12014-2009, the amount of charged charge is < 0.6uc/piece, and the resistance value of anti-static shoes is 0.5 * 105 - 1 * 109 ohms. Its performance will not be affected after one and a half years of use.

3. PetroChina, Sinopec, natural gas, chemical industry, oil transportation and coal mining industries: used as explosive clothing during operation, it can prevent potential safety hazards caused by static electricity and effectively avoid explosion accidents.

4. Comfortable and aesthetic feeling: anti-static work clothes can also fit and tangle clothes caused by static electricity, so as to increase the comfort and aesthetic feeling of wearing. The utility model has the advantages of not easy dust, dirt resistance and easy washing.

Pengjin clothing makes you work, full of confidence, freedom and passion, and perfectly show the enterprise style. We will do better for you!

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