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What is the difference between anti-static split clothes and anti-static conjoined clothes?

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Many friends have known that anti-static clothes mainly include anti-static coat, anti-static split clothes and anti-static conjoined clothes.

The anti-static coat is easy to understand. It is a dust-free and anti-static coat, usually in white, such as the one often worn by doctors. Can you distinguish between anti-static split clothes and anti-static conjoined clothes? The anti-static split suit adopts the form of separation of hat, top, bottom and shoes. Generally, the top and bottom are the same set, but they are worn separately. The advantage of this anti-static work clothes is that it is convenient to wear and take off, and it is more comfortable to wear than anti-static one-piece clothes. However, due to the separation, it is inevitable to leave gaps in the middle, and the dust-proof performance is better than the anti-static coat, but not as good as the anti-static one-piece suit. As for anti-static conjoined clothes, smart friends may have guessed that hats, tops, bottoms and shoes are integrated to cover the whole person. This style has excellent sealing, which well isolates the environment between the human body and the clean room, so that the clean room is not affected by human secretions. Generally, industries with high cleaning requirements will choose to purchase anti-static conjoined clothes, In terms of price, it will also be more expensive than anti-static split clothes. However, although the antistatic one-piece clothes are good, they also have obvious disadvantages, that is, the air permeability is very poor and the action is not light enough, which makes employees feel uncomfortable.

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