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Three questions about anti-static dust-free clothes?

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The abbreviation of dust-free clothes: dust-free clothes, dust-free work clothes, purification clothes, purification work clothes, clean clothes, clean work clothes, electrostatic clothes, protective clothes, dust-proof clothes, sterile clothes, sterile work clothes, sterile tooling, etc.

Why wear it?

The human body is full of hair dust and secretions. Sweating is more serious. Wearing dust-free clothes can prevent the dust on the human body from entering the air, affect the cleanliness of the dust-free workshop, and the dust directly enters the products.

Insignificant small particles can affect the quality of precision electronic products. Not wearing dust-free clothes may lead to a large number of unqualified products.

Is it harmful to your body?

1. Dust free clothing itself does no harm to the body. Moreover, static electricity itself is harmful to human body. Clothes with anti-static function are not only harmless, but also protect human health.

2. The dust-free clothing itself will not produce impurity bacteria. Due to the seamless connection and close fitting between pants and coat, it can effectively resist the invasion of external impurities and effectively kill external bacteria

What if you feel uncomfortable?

If it's not really uncomfortable, dust-free clothes can be accepted, because factories generally have corresponding post subsidies for posts that need to wear dust-free clothes. Therefore, what you pay will always be rewarded. You should believe that there is nothing unadaptable.

In fact, not all electronic factories need to wear dust-free clothes. Some industries with less strict requirements basically wear white coats. It's like wearing ordinary work clothes.

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