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How to choose the color of anti-static clothes?

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When choosing custom-made anti-static clothes, you can not only choose anti-static coats, anti-static split clothes and anti-static conjoined clothes in style, but also have many choices in color. Dust clothes have 32 colors to choose from to meet customers' preferences. The color of antistatic work clothes is different by people's preferences and gives people different senses, which affects people's mood and indirectly affects work efficiency. In terms of color selection, it is recommended to use a unified color in an enterprise, or divide it into two according to the differences between male and female employees, and avoid colorful. According to different seasons, you can use cold tone anti-static work clothes in summer and warm tone anti-static work clothes in winter. This can make people cool in summer and warm in winter. Generally speaking, most customers choose white and light blue anti-static clothes. This color is simple and bright, common for men and women, and dirt can be easily found in a clean environment. Of course, everything can be customized according to the requirements of customers. Yellow, pink, orange, navy blue, black and other colors are often used in the customization of anti-static work clothes. If you want to customize special anti-static clothes, you can contact the manufacturer of anti-static clothes, and we will provide color cards for you to choose.

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