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It is dangerous not to wear anti-static clothes and anti-static shoes in the clean room!

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Anti static shoes and anti-static clothes are designed to reduce the accumulation of static electricity generated by the human body and introduce these static electricity into the earth. Anti static clothing can better protect the personnel who have been working in front of the workbench. If they want to move frequently, they need to be equipped with anti-static shoes, otherwise a lot of static electricity will be generated. If your body protection was tested to be effective, but the anti-static clothing fails during production (bending life, poor contact, etc.), you may damage every electronic component you have contacted. The huge damage to electronic components is also the reason why the dust-free workshop should wear anti-static clothes and anti-static shoes. Generally speaking, the electronic products produced by electronic factories are easily affected by static electricity, resulting in great losses. In particular, IC manufacturers have high requirements for static electricity protection. Many electronic components, such as COMS devices, are afraid of static electricity. Ordinary clothes will produce static electricity when they rub against each other, so it is necessary to prevent the generation of human static electricity, You need to wear static clothes and anti-static shoes. Anti static shoes have the function of conducting electricity, which can lead the static electricity accumulated on the human body into the ground. The insulating shoes are made of non-conductive insulating materials, which isolate the person from the earth, so that even if the person contacts the conductor, there will be no accident due to the current entering the ground through the body. Anti static shoes can be worn not only in the work of relevant industries, but also in general daily life. In northern areas with dry air in winter, people are easy to accumulate static electricity. Wearing anti-static shoes can avoid static electricity. Insulating shoes are only used by maintenance electricians at work to reduce the risk of electric shock. So in the clean room, you should wear anti-static shoes instead of insulating shoes!

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