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Professional cleaning of anti-static and dust-free shoes to ensure cleanliness?

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Anti static shoes are generally used in some industries that require cleanliness, such as bioengineering, medicine, semiconductor and other enterprises. The production site of these enterprises requires that the dust content of the production environment is very low, and anti-static shoes are very easy to sweat on their feet, which will stain the shoes, so regular cleaning is very necessary.

The material and production of anti-static shoes are different from those usually worn. They all use special technology, so how to maintain the performance for a long time is an important factor. Now the best way is to carry out professional purification and cleaning.

Why does antistatic shoe cleaning have to be "professional"? Of course, there is a reason for this. If the ordinary washing method is used for cleaning, the shoes will be "dirty" and can not achieve the anti-static and purification performance. Therefore, special methods must be used. Like dust-free clothes, the cleaning, folding, vacuum packaging and other processes must be completed in the purification room. Only in this way can the cleaned anti-static shoes ensure cleanliness and let the wearer feel the value of purification and cleaning.

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